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In 2008, after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with his B.S. in Nutrition, Jordan learned that his mission was to fuse healthy eating with positive body composition changes for all of his future clients and to dispel the barrage of fitness and nutrition myths circling the fitness community. He delved deep into the evidence-based community research, combining science with practical application to give his clients optimal results.  Getting into lifting weights came naturally to Jordan. 'I never really was concerned with my body image that much. I got into lifting weights from an odd kind of place. It wasn't necessarily like, I'm not happy with my body I need to change it, it was more like, I'm not happy with my life and I need to do something. And I just fell in love with it.'

He went through his own transformation losing 80 pounds after college giving him more confidence and energy, not only for himself but to give to all of his clients. Jordan doesn't believe in magic powders or diet pills, but a long-term, sustainable approach that has you eating foods you enjoy, every single day. Jordan doesn't want you to lose weight, he wants you to lose body fat. Because that is what changes someone's physique for the better. 

He currently lives in the Philly burbs, with his girlfriend, looking to continue to provide the cure for false nutrition and fitness information by breaking down knowledge gaps and emotional barriers and helping folks get out of their own way to achieve their best health and body ever. 

He is also back in school pursuing graduate-level coursework in nutritional sciences at Immaculata University in Malvern, Pa. 

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