Lower Back Pain

Roughly 31 million Americans are affected by lower back pain at any given time. In addition to being one of the most common reasons for missed work in the United States, lower back pain qualifies as the number-one cause of disability worldwide. It’s probably no coincidence, then, that many first-time chiropractic patients are seeking relief for lower back pain. At Latronica Chiropractic in Furlong, Pennsylvania, Dr. Albert Latronica strives to deliver first-rate chiropractic care to patients in the Bucks County area who are looking for long-term back pain relief.

Lower Back Pain Q & A

by Albert Latronica, DC

What causes lower back pain?

Your back is a complicated structure composed of bones, discs, joints, ligaments, muscles, and other tissues. When something goes wrong with that structure, the resulting discomfort can make it difficult to lift even the smallest thing. Common causes of back pain include:

Acute injury

Injury is a common cause of lower back pain that usually comes from putting more stress on your back than it’s prepared for. Nerves, tendons, discs, or muscles damaged by injury can cause chronic inflammation that prevents your body from healing. If it’s not taken care of, injury and inflammation can lead to ongoing back pain that worsens over time. Weekend warriors are prone to such injuries.

Muscle strain

Painful microscopic tears in your muscles or ligaments can be caused by strain, such as lifting a heavy object. They can also be brought on by a sudden movement, like turning too quickly. When lower back pain is caused by daily activities, it may be an overuse injury, or one that stems from a stressful pattern of muscle use.

Poor posture

Sitting at a desk, working on a computer, or standing for long stretches of time can cause lower back pain, particularly if you have poor posture, a misaligned spine, or lack proper shoes support.

Herniated discs

Discs are the rubber-like cushions that sit between the vertebrae of your spine. When a disc herniates, or ruptures, it can irritate nearby nerves and cause burning pain in your lower back or even down your legs. Bulging discs can also lead to chronic lower back pain.

What factors contribute to back problems?

Although back problems can affect virtually anyone at any time, they’re more likely to begin developing in early middle age. You may be more likely to have back problems if you’re not physically active, or if you don’t know the proper way to lift something heavy (with your legs).

Carrying a few extra pounds, particularly if they’re mostly in your midsection, can contribute to the development of back pain or make an existing problem worse. That’s because extra weight puts more strain on the structures that make up your back.

How can I find long-term relief?

Dr. Latronica takes a comprehensive, whole-person approach to back pain that incorporates chiropractic care combined with other safe and effective techniques, including massage and physical therapy.

Gentle, targeted chiropractic adjustments have been proven to increase spinal joint motion, improve posture, reduce pain, and advance physical therapy efforts. A low-back study conducted by the Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research found that 70% people who treated their lower back pain with chiropractic adjustments experienced significant improvement or complete recovery. By contrast, less than 20% people with lower back pain who only received traditional medical care said their pain had improved.

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